Dr. Shanna Bean


My practice is focused on helping you improve your relationships! I am a licensed clinical psychologist and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist. I treat individuals and couples struggling with issues that impact their romantic, familial, social & professional relationships; these can include anxiety, depression, anger, stress, self-esteem & sexuality. Every day I wake up passionate about my work and think how I can help you be more passionate about your life! I enjoy working with individuals and couples who are motivated to use psychotherapy as a method to understand, learn, and explore more about themselves and their relationships.

Living in Manhattan as a teenager with my family, I learned to adjust to the unique challenges New York City teens face academically and socially.  My personal experiences during these years created my empathy for and passion to help individuals growing up in the city, which poses one of the most complex social, economic, and academic environments.

While earning a Doctorate of Psychology, I geared my education to receive specialized training in the psychological treatment of children and adolescents. Such specialized training has been critical to my work with individuals of all ages because, as I further discuss in my approach section, many matters which prompt adults to pursue psychotherapy are rooted in their unresolved experiences from childhood. Furthermore, as the individuals I treat grow and evolve, so does my practice. Regardless of age, I understand many of the struggles New Yorkers face, and I strive to empower each of my patients with healthy transitions to the new, sometimes unexpected, and always inevitable changes which together comprise life.

Through this site, I hope you will enjoy learning more about me, my practice and my unique approach. I genuinely believe I can help you and your family improve the quality of your lives.