Parents:  Therapy, Guidance, and Consultation

Watching your child struggle is not only painful, but it may leave you feeling helpless.

When a parent reaches the point when they feel “stuck” in their parenting abilities, they might seek my help.  Through our work together, either as an individual parent or as a parent couple, we will explore the causes of your child’s troubles, and why your child is not conducting himself or herself in the manner you prefer.

ParentingI believe a child’s improvement through therapy is often directly connected to their parent’s active participation in the therapy process. Once I learn more about the difficulty that prompted the parents to seek therapy for their child, parent sessions provide an opportunity to reframe the child’s issue from the parent’s perspective.  Such involvement usually allows both the child and the parents to more accurately understand their child’s struggles and as a result become closer to one another.

My parent guidance and consultation services offer the support, skills, and techniques needed for parents to re-gain control over their parenting role.  Parental guidance and support results in greater communication between parent and child and strengthens the parent-child relationship.  As part of my work in helping children and adolescents work through their problems to achieve their goals, I incorporate parental guidance and consultation into the treatment on an as needed and on going basis.

New and Expectant Parents

Being or becoming a new parent in New York City can be a scary, anxiety provoking, and isolating experience.  I facilitate support groups for new and expectant parents helping to alleviating the stress and anxieties you have never experienced before, while meeting other parents experiencing similar feelings and in the same stage of life as you.